West Midlands Regional Leads

    Meet The West Midlands Parkinson's Leads

    Andrea Lindahl

    Lucy Strens


    Dr Lucy Strens and Dr Andrea Lindahl are both Consultant Neurologists at University Hospital Coventry where they are also joint leads for the Coventry & Warwickshire Regional Parkinson’s Service.

    They co-founded the West Midlands Parkinson’s Network in 2014 with the aim of bringing together all health professionals who care for people with Parkinson’s and their carers. They are responsible for maintaining communication between network members, disseminating examples of good practice, sharing news from the UK Parkinson’s Excellence Network and planning the annual WMPN conference. The conference attracts over 100 delegates each year and is an ideal opportunity for members to get together. The conference agenda is based on feedback from members on priority topics and local and nationally renowned speakers are invited to lead discussions.

    The priorities for the coming year are to improve access to mental health care for people with Parkinson’s and to improve access of newly diagnosed patients to appropriate information. We will also be scrutinising the results of the latest National Parkinson’s Audit and supporting the “Getting it right first time” campaign.”

    Amrit Samra

    Dr Amrit Samra is a Final Year Neurology Registrar at the University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust and shall join the Coventry & Warwickshire Regional Parkinson’s Service as a Consultant Neurologist in August 2019. He is currently involved in the development of the West Midlands Parkinson’s Network website.

    “The West Midlands Parkinson’s Network website has been created to serve as a platform for advertising regional Parkinson’s related courses, workshops and other training events. Members use this space to share examples of good practice, so that we can drive up the quality of Parkinson’s services in our region”

    Emma Gadsby

    Emma Gadsby is a physiotherapist and works at George Eliot Hospital, Nuneaton, as the Neuro and Stroke Therapy Lead.

    She is also the Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy lead for the West Midlands Parkinson’s Network and is involved in co-ordinating and communicating with the therapists involved in the network, and maintaining the therapy email network.

    She is passionate about people with Parkinson’s and their families getting early access to the multi-disciplinary team, particularly therapists, and to improving their access to information and support. She strongly believes in the importance of exercise for people with Parkinson’s and particularly in the benefits of intensive exercise, and wants to help support therapists across the network to be the best we can be and to provide the best services for PwP.

    Rachel Peskett

    Rachel Peskett is a Community Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist working in Coventry. Part of her role as Parkinson’s Specialist Nurse Lead has been to focus on palliative care. She has worked as a nurse for nearly 30 years and a Parkinson’s nurse specialist for 17 years in Coventry. She has been the lead for palliative care since 2014.

    ”This is an area that I am very interested in but also an area that needed improvement. Over the next year the main aim  is to improve access to palliative care for patients, their carers and families and to disseminate information to my colleagues in the region to help them make decisions regarding care for patients in this phase of Parkinson’s and ultimately improve patient care”.

    Lissie Broadhead

    Lissie Broadhead is a Specialist Speech and Language Therapist in Progressive Neurological Conditions. She is responsible for representing and liaising with Speech and Language Therapists and Dietitians working with Parkinson’s patients within the Midland region and inputting into the annual conference.

    Lissie developed and established the Parkinson’s Education Programme (PEP) alongside her colleagues in Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy. Priorities for the coming year are to continue in improving the Parkinson’s Education Programme and to promote “feed at risk” (FAR) for patients with Parkinson’s”.

    Janine Barnes

    Dr Janine Barnes works as a Neurology Specialist Pharmacist within Dudley Group and in her role as regional lead for improving Medicines Management in Parkinson’s  she is keen  to promote and develop good medicines management drawing on her experience of working on the new NICE guidelines for Parkinson’s (NG71), and several Parkinson’s UK excellence committees-with particularly reference to her time working on the Medicines Optimisation Consensus Statement. Locally she is leading on improving the access of newly diagnosed patients to appropriate information-with the aim of empowering patients to manage their condition optimally by receiving for example, information about Parkinson’s drugs, importance of dose times, common potential interactions and possible side effects.

    The priorities for the coming year are to improve the Parkinson’s patient experience by improving medication management and also by drawing on the expertise of the pharmacy profession by forming a Specialist Parkinson’s Pharmacist Network to improve Parkinson’s knowledge within the profession for the benefit of anybody with Parkinson’s who is prescribed medication for their Parkinson’s and/or any other co-morbidities.

    Jodie Cooke

    Jodie Cooke is a Community Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist in Coventry. She joined the West Midlands PD Network in 2014. She has designed several posters and information leaflets for people with Parkinson’s including information leaflet for the newly diagnosed.

    ‘’ I have been actively involved with assisting with Palliative Care topics, working closely with my colleague Rachel Peskett. In 2017 I joined with a Palliative Care Consultant, in Coventry to do a presentation to demonstrate the importance of collaborative working in maintaining good quality end of life care for people with Parkinson’s. I used case studies to discuss the importance of advanced care planning, as well as to highlight the difficulties and rewards this may bring. I feel very passionate that when people I support with Parkinson’s inform me that their preferred priorities of care are to remain at home when they need End of life Care, where possible this is achieved through collaborative working with other allied health professionals.

    My priorities in the future are to continue to work with my Colleagues within the Network looking at improving services and access for people with Parkinson’s at the different stages of their condition’’.

    Amanda Mobley

    Amanda Mobley is a Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist and Clinical Lead for Neuropsychology in Worcestershire. She works with people with a wide range of acquired and degenerative neurological conditions including Parkinson’s Disease. She is passionate about promoting good mental health for people with Parkinson’s and their families from point of diagnosis to complex and palliative stages. She strongly believes that part of good mental health requires clear pathways and collaborative working between mental health and Parkinson’s services.

    The priorities for the coming year are to establish ways to implement recommendations from the All Party Parliamentary Group report on a local level in the West Midlands. This includes considering involvement in research projects about management of mental health conditions in Parkinson’s and considering awareness and training options across services.

    Benjamin Wright

    Dr Benjamin Wright is a Consultant Neurologist at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. Part of his role as the Neurology Lead for the Network is to update members on the referral pathways for the available non-oral therapies in the West Midlands region.

    ”The priority for the coming year is to ensure that patients are referred for consideration of non-oral therapy at the appropriate time”.

    Dr Moe Thaw Oo

    Moe is a Consultant Physician and Geriatrician with a special interest in Parkinson’s disease at the Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust. He leads the multi-disciplinary movement disorder out-patient service at Rowley Regis hospital. He leads and works closely together with the community multi-disciplinary team to provide an integrated PD management to patients and their families in local communities. He also keeps a strong portfolio in Medical Education. He is the Foundation Year 2 Programme Director at the Trust.

    He is a Council Member (Physician) and Hospital Senior Examiner-PACES at the RCPSG. He is a visiting Senior Clinical Lecturer at Aston University. He has published articles, related to Frailty, Parkinson’s disease and Clinical Education, in peer-reviewed journals.